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     Revolution Ethics Project is a place to talk about ethics, values, being your best self, living a good life, and what we owe our neighbors. We practice radical hospitality--everyone is welcome. 

A typical discussion might be "are there moral absolutes?" We might relate it to current events by examining whether one's politics is based on one's ethics. We might read Martin Luther King, Jr's "Beyond Vietnam" and discuss how it relates to today. Or we might have a guest speaker who shares their experiences at Standing Rock.

Most important, Rev is a place to be together as we try to bring about a revolution of the heart. There is space for you. 

The Virtue Field


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The Virtue Field is a podcast about ethics. It starts with the premise that ethics can only be understood in the context of someone's life. Each season we follow the story of a "moral hero" in order to rescue ethics from pure academia and put into a context.

The first season of the Virtue Field is title "American Moses." It follows the story of the great Harriet Tubman, revealing a life that was fully dedicated to justice, to other people, and to holiness.

The Virtue Field is available wherever you get your podcasts.